Spring International STEAM Summit 2023

Talk #1

Spice up your math class with game design in Scratch

About This Talk

The most notable aspects of education in the 21st century have been teaching coding and the integration of computational thinking skills. These skills are crucial and useful in all disciplines, not just ICT and mathematics.

During this session, the participants will be able to:

Learn about STEM applications for algebra and computational thinking skills.

Explore projects using the Scratch platform and how to implement abstract mathematical concepts like using variables and operations.

Look into resources to incorporate into math lessons.

Investigate strategies for differentiation that can be used to accommodate various learning modalities.

Spice up your math class with game design in Scratch

Talk #2

Inquiry in an ICT class: A recipe for success

About This Talk

In this session, we will explore various approaches to maintaining the inquiry process as the cornerstone of designing ICT lessons for primary school students. The discussion will emphasize tactics and methodologies that educators can employ to create more effective lesson plans that place students at the heart of learning. The presenter will offer real examples and demonstrate achievements resulting from the implementation of inquiry-based learning methods in the classroom. Simultaneously, the presenter will provide valuable insights and guidance on promoting active screen time and structuring student-focused lessons in which inquiry and game design mindsets form the foundation of planning within an ICT class.

Inquiry in an ICT Class: A Recipe for Success