Tinkercad Summer Camp - Artifacts

As part of their exploration of 3D design during the unit How the world works, students designed their own 3D structures and objects on Tinkercad. They used 3D shapes and objects to create different designs such as buildings and others. They also downloaded the files in .OBJ or .STL files so that they can 3D print them in the future. 

Summer Camp 2018

During this camp, the students learned how to design in 3D on Tinkercad. They practiced how to build houses, temples, landmarks such as Burj khalifa and the Eiffel Tower. 

As a final project, the students chose to create their own designs so they made some research, sketched the building on paper and then executed it on Tinkercad. 

We managed to download the designs and print them in 3D. Some students chose to color their designs. 

Summer Camp 2019

During this camp, the students discovered different 3D design platforms such as Tinkercad, 3DSlash and Sketchfab. They learned different tricks and designed multiple building on Tinkercad collaboratively. 

As a final project, we decided to create a city for each group. Every student chose to design a certain building in the city. They researched, sketched their designs and started designing on TinkerCad. Students also learned how to import other designs to add them to their projects. They exported their design as STL files so that we print them. 

The final product was a prototype for the city formed with the students' designed buildings.