Keep It Private

Activity 1

The Internet is a powerful, but sometimes dangerous place. Stay safe while navigating the Internet!

Watch the video then discuss the questions below. 

What three rules does the character (Arms) follow when he goes places online?

1) Always ask your parent (or teacher) first

2) Only talk to people you know

3) Stick to places that are just right for you

Now, let's see what more we can do to keep ourselves safe.

Activity 2

Flash Chat: Let's discuss!

Add your ideas by typing, recording, or drawing your answer in this collaborative wall on Padlet. 

(Be sure to mention your name!)

Click on the Padlet for your class.

For more information:

Child Focus 'E-safety'

One of the key missions of Child Focus is prevention. This clip was made as an e-safety awareness campaign for children between 4 and 8 years. It's being aired on Belgian kids channels and will be distributed in other European countries too. Script & animation by CC.


Cyber-Five is a short animation which introduces children to five helpful rules to be safer on the internet. Join Hippo and Hedgehog as they introduce and review the five rules. There is a multiple choice quiz at the end of the animation for assessment.