What is Phishing? | Proofpoint 

Phishing attacks costs companies millions every year, and even the most tech-savvy individuals have fallen prey to these scams, since phishing exploits human nature rather than technology. But what is phishing? Phishing attacks are scams that attempt to trick the recipient into providing confidential information to an attacker. Typically posing as a legitimate institution or trusted coworker, cyber attackers prey on human emotion and create a sense of urgency or fear to lure individuals into providing sensitive data.

E-Safe: Phishing Emails

This is an internet safety video about "Phishing Emails" which are emails that are disguised as legitimate emails who try to steal personal information from you. 

Can you detect what is fake?

How Emails Works

How private is email? Where does it go? 

These questions and others explained in this video.

RBC Cyber Security - Powerful Passwords

How to create a strong password in simple steps. 

How To Make A Super-Secure Password

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