Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage?

In this video, Jennifer Thomas and Priyanka Vergadia will talk through Cloud Storage, and how this tool is a great choice for building a data lake in the cloud. Watch to see how you  can utilize Cloud Storage for your developer projects. 

Google Drive: One safe place for all your stuff

Google Drive

This video will brief you about Google Drive since we already use it in the ICT lab. Google Drive is a safe online cloud where we can store our information and access them from different devices. 

A Google Drive must be connected to a Gmail account. In the ICT lab we have a Gmail that is connected to all the computers and this is why we are able to find any file on any pc. 

A Basic Tutorial

In this video I will show you a basic understanding of Google Drive, and what you need to know in order to successfully organize your content. This video will help students and teachers to better understand how to organize their files and documents in Google Drive.