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How to draw Computer

Technology I - Vocabulary for Kids - Laptop, monitor, mouse, speakers, webcam, microphone...

Educational video for children to learn technology vocabulary. Thanks to this video, they will discover technology words like computer, laptop, monitor, mouse, speakers, webcam, keyboard, microphone, printer, scanner and flash drive. At then of the video, the little ones will recap 

What are Computers?

We use computers every day! But what ARE computers and how do they work? Puppet Topher meets his friend Ulka, a computer programmer, who explains to kids how computers work. This is a basic Intro to Computers and Programming for Kids.  In this video, you'll learn about the difference between Hardware and Software, and how to write very good computer programs by giving careful instructions. Topher writes his first computer program - How to make a Peanut Butter Sandwich. It's not quite as easy as he thinks it will be! 

Story Telling - Computer Parts

How Do Computers Work?

We use computers for all kinds of things, like talking to our friends, doing our homework, and watching SciShow Kids! But have you ever wondered how computers can do all of this cool stuff?

Brain POP jr. 

Parts of a Computer

Computer Virus

Sometimes computers can get sick, kind of like you. In this episode, Good Computer and company tackle computer viruses. 

Sing Sing Coding ~♪

The only language that the computer can understand is only a binary code consisting of digits 0 and 1. Fun to be understood about the features of the language, the songs were composed by repetitive rhythm of zero and one. 

What's Binary?

We use computers every day! But they see the world a little differently from us. 

They see the world in BINARY - a system of numbers made up only of ones and twos. 

Why do they do this? It's much faster for computers to count and do math using binary numbers!