Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

The world is filled with things that most of us are able to understand and react to without much thought; a stop sign partially covered by snow is still a stop sign; a chair that’s five times bigger than usual is still a place to sit. But for regular computers, this type of intuitive logic is out of reach. Today, machine learning is able to give computers this advantage through its advanced technology. In this video, we'll explore how machine learning is beginning to improve computers and many of the things we use them for.

A Brief History of AI

AI and Automative Industry

Machine learning is a powerful tool for businesses. It can unlock new opportunities to grow, as well as help automate existing processes to make them more efficient and effective. In this video, we'll explore how businesses can get started with machine learning and apply this technology to their needs.

Should you fear Machine Learning? 

What would AI look like in the future, in your opinion? A 1960s animated series called "The Jetsons" envisioned what life might entail in the future. Have a look at this episode's footage. Do you recognize anything you see? Do you believe any of the technologies will be implemented in the future?

Even if HI and AI have overlapping functions, let's treat them as two distinct concepts. For instance, perception, representation, reasoning, problem-solving, learning, and language are all aspects of both HI and AI. However, humans perform these tasks quite differently from AI systems in terms of effort and level of understanding.

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Check out this video for a comprehensive overview of different algorithms, as well as key points to consider when selecting one for your project.