Digital literacy is essential for encouraging lifelong learning. Therefore, it is crucial for educators to strike a balance between using technology to consume content and create educational activities.

Microsoft has created free online courses for educators that are helpful. Please see the link below:

Introduction to ICT for learning - Learn | Microsoft Docs


Stands for -->

Information Communication and Technology

"ICT provides opportunities for the transformation of teaching and learning and enables students to investigate, create, communicate, collaborate, organize and be responsible for their own learning and actions."  - The role of ICT in the PYP 2011 -

It refers to technologies that allow us to access information, create, innovate, and communicate with others all around the world. 

The ICT skills can be developed within the classroom during inquiry sessions, in different disciplines, as well as in the ICT class. 

Why the IB Learner Profile?

The ISTE Standards in 1 minute!

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